EMS/NR 01-05

February 23, 2005

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Tim Otto
Vice President, Sales

EMS Blow Out Recognized as World’s Only U.S. Navy Approved
“Acid Replacement Technology Cleaner” for Heat Exchangers, Coolers, and Distillers

Melbourne, FL – (February 23, 2005) Until now, the only way to remove scaling and build up from a ship’s heat exchangers has been the use of dangerous and corrosive mineral acids. Environmental Manufacturing Solutions, EMS, is proud to announce that its product Blow Out is the only product to have received approval by the U.S. Navy as per the commercial item description (CID) for Heat Exchanger Cleaning Compounds.

Blow Out is powered by SynTech®, the world’s only patented synthetic acid. While SynTech breaks down calcium, lime, scale and other deposits with the same power of Hydrochloric acid, it is non-corrosive, non-mutagenic to marine life, and non-regulated by the D.O.T. This product has been approved for line cleaning aboard Navy and Coast Guard vessels since 2002 where it regularly saves time and disposal fees as it is legal to drain water treated with Blow Out into the sanitary system.

The written report issued by the Naval Surface Warfare Center on February 17, 2005 stated that EMS’ Blow Out is “effective at dissolving scale, is non-corrosive to the system metals, and does not interfere with the formation of a protective oxide layer that forms after cleaning.” The report also added that Blow Out was “significantly more effective at removing hard fouling than the mechanical cleaning methods or previous acid procedures.”

“We’re excited that our long relationship with the Navy continues to gain momentum with this approval,” said EMS President John MacDonald. “Now that Blow Out has proven so effective in the cleaning of heat exchangers and line cleaning aboard these ships, we feel we have eliminated the need for archaic cleaning methods using mineral acids.”

Kimber Jensen, Vice President of Business Development for EMS, added “This approval makes Blow Out the only cleaner approved for the cleaning of heat exchangers, coolers, and distillers aboard U.S. Navy ships. As we have in numerous industries, SynTech has matched or bettered the performance of harsh acids without any danger to personnel, the environment, or the ship itself.”

To receive a copy of the approval letter from the Naval Surface Warfare Center, please contact EMS at 800-510-8812. For more information about EMS and its products, visit their website at or call 877-424-6979.

EMS is headquartered in Melbourne, Florida with offices in Salt Lake City, UT, Titusville, FL, Norfolk, VA, and Ontario, Canada. EMS offers over 30 products that replace acids, solvents, and caustics so common in the world of industrial cleaners. EMS formulations continue to revolutionize industries such as construction, food preparation, janitorial, maritime, aviation, water treatment among others. EMS also makes the worlds only original equipment manufacturer (OEM) approved truck washes and cleaners.


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