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December 6, 2010

Company Contact
Tim Otto
Vice President, Sales

EMS Files Second-Generation SynTech Patent Application

Melbourne, FL – (December 6, 2010) Environmental Manufacturing Solutions (EMS) has filed another patent application for its newest generation of Synthetic Acid Technology marketed as SynTech. This patent application, directed to a “Synthetic Acid and Associated Methods” is the third patent application associated with SynTech to be filed on EMS’s behalf in the past two years. The new application, as well as applications directed to a “Method for Creating and Using Synthetic Acid” and to a “Composition for Removing Cementitious Materials from a Surface and Associated Methods,” were filed by Jacqueline E. Hartt, Ph.D., Registered Patent Agent, with the Orlando, Florida, law firm of Lowndes, Drosdick, Dostor, Kantor & Reed, PA.

“The second generation of SynTech represents over three years of research and development that built upon our success with prior SynTech formulations,” said John MacDonald, President of EMS. “We are confident this newest SynTech will raise the bar for green chemical technologies higher than we even believed possible, both in terms of safety and performance.”

Joining Mr. MacDonald as co-developer on this latest invention is the newest addition to EMS’s technical and R&D staff, Chemical Engineer John MacDonald III. “The pH of our new Synthetic Acid compound is a negative 0.42, which opens up new doors for our technology to replace the heaviest sulfuric and hydrochloric acid solutions,” added John III. “One of my contributions was to ensure that this next level of SynTech be positioned for easy approval by the USDA for organic certification, a process already underway. We are certain it will provide options for organic farmers for both water and soil conditioning currently not being met by the weak solutions they are forced to use at this time.”

“The ingredients used in our new synthetic acid inventions have been designated as FDA GRAS (generally regarded as safe) and we believe they should carry forward all the certifications earned by our prior versions of SynTech,” said Tim Otto, Vice President of Sales. “We also believe the new SynTech to have properties that will allow us to replace traditional sanitizers and disinfectants such as quaternary ammonia and sodium hypochlorite. Our formulation team will begin incorporating our new technology into existing products and is sure to create new formulas for our distribution partners worldwide.”

The new “Synthetic Acid Compound and Associated Methods” has the positive capabilities of replacing almost any traditional acid, without the environmental hazards, VOCs, and dangers to metals or living tissue associated with traditional acids. This synthetic acid can be used in place of many known acids, oxidizers, and disinfectants, such as hydrochloric, hydrofluoric, sulfuric, urea sulfuric, sulfamic, glycolic, acetic, phosphoric, nitric, formic, and citric acids, as well as urea hydrochloride, sodium hypochlorite, urea phosphate, formaldehyde, and quaternary ammonia.

The myriad uses of this invention include surface cleaning, concrete etching, hydraulic well fracturing, filter cake braking/cleaning, cement removal, acidizing of wells, fruit and vegetable peeling, food prep surface cleaning, turf and soil treatments, as an inert to herbicides and pesticides, agriculture and farm remediation, disinfecting, and surface rust removal.

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