May 8, 2017

Environmental Manufacturing Solutions (EMS) Announces Agreement has been reached to build a Manufacturing Facility on West Grand Bahama Island in Dead Man’s Reef

Melbourne, FL –

EMS today announced at its world headquarters in Melbourne, Florida plans to build a 30,000+ square foot manufacturing facility in Dead Man’s Reef,
Grand Bahamas.

Minister Obediah Wilchcombe and EMS Founder, John MacDonald, have spent a year working out the details to ensure this venture comes to fruition and has the ability to make the greatest economic impact for the Bahamas, its citizens, and its delicate eco system. “Bahamas Government realizes the need for this industry to become localized here in the Bahamas however, I felt a strong desire to preserve our precious environment while doing so which is why we are pleased to work with EMS and Mr. MacDonald, a mogul in Green Chemistry,” said Minister Wilchcombe. “With a chemical manufacturing facility located in Grand Bahamas Island, the proximity of the facility to the Port further opens Bahamas doors to the Caribbean economic market place with the distribution of these products throughout other Islands and abroad.”

“We feel that our commitment to green chemistry is unrivaled in chemical manufacturing and bringing these chemistries to the Bahamas was our next logical move,” said
John MacDonald, President of EMS. “I am both impressed and grateful for the amount of support and effort EMS received from the Bahamas Government, specifically the support and effort of Minister Wilchcombe and his commitment to this venture.

With over 15 US and 6 International Patents and over a dozen Patent Pending's in Green Chemistry, EMS has long been recognized by local and federal environment agencies around the world and we’re proud to add a Green Chemistry Manufacturing Facility in Dead Man’s Reef, Grand Bahamas that will allow us to not only manufacturer and offer our products to the Bahamas at a far better price, but will allow the Caribbean community throughout the family of islands better access to cleaner and greener chemical solutions. ”

EMS plans to construct the Dead Man’s Reef Facility with contractors local to the island of Grand Bahamas. “Initially, this facility will employ up to 30 people from the local workforce and within 24 months expects to have the need for over 70-80 additional employees,” stated Kimber Jensen, Vice President of Business Development.

EMS’s manufacturing facility is GreenCircle Certified recognizing our sustainable manufacturing practices. Green Circle certified facilities are independently inspected and found in accordance with ASTM E2129, GreenCircle’s Waste Diversion from Landfill Guidelines, The Greenhouse Gas Protocol (GHG Protocol); the IPCC Guidelines; and ISO 14064.

EMS’ GreenCircle certification took into account its energy efficiency practices, water conservation, elimination of waste and emissions, internal recycling of waste and closed loop and industrial ecology processes.

“It’s hard enough for a company in our industry to meet the strict GreenCircle requirements,” said Tim Otto, Vice President of EMS. “The fact that we make the only triple-zero HMIS functional replacements to dangerous acids, caustics and solvents makes this an especially noteworthy achievement and is another feather in the cap for our team at EMS international headquarters in Melbourne, Florida.”

About EMS

EMS is headquartered in Melbourne, Florida with facilities in Salt Lake City, Utah, Norfolk, Virginia, Grain Valley Missouri, San Antonio Texas, and London, England. EMS offers over 150 environmentally safer formulas that replace acids, solvents, and caustics so common in the world of industrial cleaners. In addition to our International Headquarters being GreenCircle Certified, EMS products are FDA-GRAS, Non DOT and TDG Regulated, Kosher, NSF and USDA BioBased Certified. EMS products are distributed through an International Network of authorized Dealers in 58 countries throughout the world. EMS formulations continue to revolutionize industries such as construction, food preparation, janitorial, maritime, aviation, waste-water treatment, oil and gas, mining, turf and agriculture among others. EMS also makes the worlds only original equipment manufacturer (OEM) approved truck washes and cleaners.


To learn more about the future manufacturing facility’s construction and/or operations in

Dead Man’s Reef, Grand Bahamas, please contact:

Kimber Jensen, Vice President of Business Development 7705 Progress Circle

Melbourne Florida USA 32904
World Headquarters: 800-510-8812 Utah Business Office: 877-424-6979





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