EMS/NR 81079

August 18, 2009

Company Contact
Tim Otto
Vice President, Sales


Melbourne, FL – (August 18, 2009) Blue Bird Corporation announced today that the EMS washes and coatings for public transit vehicles have been exclusively recognized and recommended by Blue Bird Corporation to meet the varied demands of its customers worldwide.

“Keeping with our strong commitment to the Environment, Blue Bird Corporation with the help of Environmental Manufacturing Solutions, LLC (EMS) created a full line of CLEAN and GREEN products to both clean and protect our Blue Bird Busses,” announced Greg Bennett, Blue Bird president and CEO.

Bennett chose to partner with EMS due to their unsurpassed reputation as the leader in green industrial cleaners. “Each product will meet or exceed the EPA’s most stringent requirements for biodegradation and direct release and will be submitted to the EPA for a partnering program with the DfE (EPA’s Design for the Environment Program),” said John MacDonald, President and Chief Chemical Engineer. The products will be branded with the Blue Bird logo and trade name, made available to all Blue Bird dealers and customers.

“Blue Bird’s partnership with EMS will inevitably lead to a partnership with the EPA. We are proud that we will be using the best technology for green cleaners and protectants while reducing the carbon footprint of Blue Bird Corporation and each individual Blue Bird Dealer and customer. We stand firm on the idea that as a corporation and as individuals we must do our best to become greener and more environmentally responsible. After all, our world belongs to the children and our Blue Bird busses safely carry that precious cargo to and from their schools each day. ” concluded Bennett.

FogXpt was also specifically designed for the needs of Blue Bird and its customers. A simple spray-on application protects buses for more than a month from the streaking, rusting, corrosion and dulling that can occur during storage. Whether the vehicle is on its way to the customer site or sitting over summer break, FogX keeps the elements at bay.

Both Torque PTC, an all-in-one bus wash, and FogXpt are being added to the Blue Bird owner’s manual and warranty as products of choice to wash and protect the hundreds of thousands of Blue Bird buses in operation today in over 60 countries. In fact, starting August 6th, Blue Bird began to treat each bus as it rolls off the assembly line with FogXpt.

“EMS is pleased with the recognition we received today and during the months of testing from Blue Bird and PPG,” said John MacDonald, President of EMS. “It’s always rewarding to find companies like Blue Bird that are willing to discover green and effective alternatives to dangerous chemicals. Like our other OEM partners Mack, McNeilus, Oshkosh, Volvo and others, EMS is certain of the benefit our technology provides the manufacturer, the customer and the environment.”

Powered by EMS’ patented synthetic acid and caustic replacements SynTech and SynClean, Torque PTC and FogXpt carry a triple-zero HMIS score. These products meet or exceed the highest standards created by EPA’s Design for Environment program, including biodegradation per direct release guidelines, and have been submitted for inclusion in this program. For more information about EMS (Environmental Manufacturing Solutions) products, visit or call 877-423-6979.



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