EMS/NR 021512

February 15, 2012

Company Contact
Tim Otto
Vice President, Sales


Melbourne, FL – (February 15, 2012) EMS announced today that is has been offered an opportunity to have testing needed for various certifications be performed by the extensive network of on-site laboratories at NASA’s Kennedy Space Center.

“EMS has enjoyed its position as a Procurement Priority vendor to NASA for the upkeep of both aircraft and spacecraft since 2001,” said John MacDonald, President of EMS. “It’s rewarding to be allowed to work more closely with NASA’s technical staff. Not only is the NASA facility just up the road from our world headquarters, but there are few if any labs that have the level of expertise and reputation as does NASA’s on-site labs.”

One of NASA’s on-site labs recently concluded testing needs for EMS’ expansion into the aviation industry. These tests included sandwich corrosion tests required for opportunities discovered by EMS distributors for work on Boeing and Airbus aircraft.

Additional tests are underway to certify the biological efficacy for EMS’ xtreme technology ability to kill C-diff and various other bacteria and pathogens. These include ASTM E2783-11 and E2362-09, testing for anti-microbial kill time procedure for disinfectant formulations and proving hard surface disinfectant abilities for pre-saturated toilette or wipe.

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About EMS
EMS is headquartered in Melbourne, Florida with offices in Salt Lake City, Utah, Norfolk, Virginia and London, England. EMS offers over 60 products that replace acids, solvents, and caustics so common in the world of industrial cleaners. EMS products are distributed through authorized representatives in the U.S. and abroad. EMS formulations continue to revolutionize industries such as construction, food preparation, janitorial, maritime, aviation, waste-water treatment, oil and gas, mining, turf and agriculture among others. EMS also makes the world's only original equipment manufacturer (OEM) approved truck washes and cleaners.



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