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October 31, 2005

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Tim Otto
Vice President, Sales

EMS Technology Replaces Dangerous Chemicals in Food Industry

Melbourne, FL – (October 31, 2005) Managers of food packaging and processing plants understand that a clean environment is not only part of a successful operation; it’s an absolute necessity. For years those in the food industry have turned to caustics and other harsh chemicals, including acids and solvents, for their cleaning needs.

Environmental Manufacturing Solutions, EMS, has replaced acids with its patented synthetic acid, SynTech. It has also replaced solvents and caustics with its synthetic high pH cleaner SynClean. And while SynTech and SynClean have pH levels of less than 1 and 11 respectively, both are deemed non-corrosive by the Department of Transportation and non-skin irritant by guidelines established by OSHA. Both carry triple zero HMIS scores, require no secondary containment and carry no special requirements for container disposal.

This week EMS announced its newest formulation for the food industry: Omni. Omni combines the maximum amount of both SynTech and SynClean giving you to the descaling power of an acid, the cleaning power of a caustic and the degreasing power of a solvent, in a safe concentrated liquid. Omni is used to safely clean belts, vats, lines, equipment, tools, walls, floors, all without the danger to personnel or the corroding effects of caustics, acids and solvents.

"We are very pleased with the Omni cleaning solution,” commented Steve Teixeira of Frontier Cooling in Santa Maria, California, a vegetable packaging plant serving growers in California’s central coast. “We have finally found one product that will do everything we need it to do and more. We have been able to cut our costs and the number of chemicals that we use because of Omni.”

“Normally, low pH cleaners could not be mixed with high pH material as they would cancel out the others’ power”, said Tim Otto, Vice President of Sales at EMS. “It’s the synthetic makeup of our chemicals that makes us unique and makes Omni possible. There are customers who will continue to use the individual products for certain jobs but Omni allows those who need both reactions to reduce the steps in the cleaning process and give them back valuable production time.”

"We have achieved lower ATP scores using EMS products than we had with the caustics we had used for so long,” said Jeff Shaffer of Smith Frozen Foods in Weston, Oregon, one of the nation’s largest frozen vegetable processors. “And all without any danger to our equipment, building or personnel.”

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About EMS
EMS is headquartered in Melbourne, Florida with offices in Salt Lake City, UT and Titusville, FL. EMS offers over 30 products that replace acids, solvents, and caustics so common in the world of industrial cleaners. EMS products are distributed through authorized representatives in the U.S. and abroad. EMS formulations continue to revolutionize industries such as construction, food preparation, janitorial, maritime, aviation, water treatment, turf and agirculture among others. EMS also makes the world's only original equipment manufacturer (OEM) approved truck washes and cleaners.



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