EMS/NR 091905

September 19, 2005

Company Contact
Tim Otto
Vice President, Sales

EMS Vehicle Washes and Protectants Receive Potent Anti-Stick Boost

Melbourne, FL – (September 19, 2005) Fluorosurfactants such as DuPont’s Teflon® and Scotchgard® from 3M have long provided unmatched protection and anti-stick capabilities. These additives are part of our everyday world from cookware to enhanced vehicle finishes. Even premium household cleaners such as Clorox® toilet bowl cleaner and paints such as Sensations® from Ace Hardware now offer these types of additives to ward off future stains.

Environmental Manufacturing Solutions, EMS, is proud to announce that their unique fluorosurfactant, SynGuard, is now included in every EMS vehicle wash, all of which carry exclusive endorsements from Mack, Oshkosh, McNeilus, Volvo, London and many others.

Field trials of EMS Ready Mix Wash and Wax with SynGuard concluded this August. The one year study provided impressive and consistent results including a greater than 60% improvement in anti-stick properties for the truck after just five washes. SynGuard also improved distribution of the carnauba wax, the penetrating power of our degreasing and cement removing ingredients, and provided more even drying and reflective qualities.

“We performed product testing of every wash on the market in 2003 and with the help of McNeilus Aftermarket Parts Dept., we’ve chosen and used the wash products manufactured by EMS exclusively ever since,” commented Barry Stockton, Operations Manager at Apex Ready-Mix. “Our trucks have never looked better and you can see the evidence of SynGuard every day. Concrete, grease and grime just don’t stick to the trucks like it use to. They are much easier to wash now. EMS has really outdone itself this time.”

EMS’ commitment to safety and the environment remains at the forefront of every formulation. SynGuard is non-carcinogenic and its addition to EMS washes has not modified their legendary triple-zero HMIS scores. EMS has also announced that SynGuard has been added to its vehicle and boat washes at no extra cost to the customer.

“Our commitment to excellence drives us to innovate,” said John MacDonald, EMS President. “We feel that SynGuard further separates us from any other washes on the market and secures our position as the finest truck washes in the world.”



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