Agriculture and Turfgrass Irrigation Testimonials

Palmbrook CC
I used Eximo to help flush sodium prior to the overseed. We saw for the first time, our ryegrass had a uniform pop and established rapidly. We have a tool which let’s us unlock some of our soils potential. Usually we have our problem areas that suffer from sodium and compaction, not this year. I ordered a second application of Eximo from our Arizona Sports Turf representative we are happy with the results.
David Escobedo GCS

South Mountain Golf Course
“We’ve injected sulfuric, used pHairway and have run a sulfur burner for the last two years. Since we started injecting SynTech, we use less water yet have fewer dry spots. But it’s the deep color, thickness and overall health of the turf that we’ve never seen on our course that makes you take notice.”
Curtis Hirache

Green Hills C.C
“Eximo has allowed us to mitigate salt issues which typically plague our Poa greens. We saw enhanced turf vigor within days of our initial application and our greens have gone through this summer under significantly less stress that we typically expect.”
Walt Barret













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