U.S. Military Approvals and Testimonials

U.S. Coast Guard
"Your product BlowOut was highly effective in cleaning four years' accumulation of deposits from the interior sewage piping system. The environmentally friendliness of your product resulted in a cost savings in water disposal fees of $1,000. TCLP tests were conducted on the effluent and no unacceptable levels of trace (RCRA) metals were found. I consider the completion of our sewage system cleaning to be an effective prototype of use of BlowOut onboard U.S. Coast Guard cutters."
Lt. P.D. Stukus
U.S.S. Vigilant Cutter

EMS Blow Out Recognized as World’s Only U.S. Navy Approved
“Acid Replacement Technology Cleaner” for Heat Exchangers, Coolers, and Distillers


















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