OEM (Original Equipment Manufacturer) Testimonials

Elkin Manufacturing
"Elkin Manufacturing approves first ever Mobile Mixer Wash, Wax and concrete remover from EMS. This product has been tested at the Elkin factory in Indiana, PA and shown to safely and easily remove concrete residue and all dirt accumulations. This product will help our customers keep their mixers in "like new" condition for many years."
Elkin Press Release
March 2002

London Machinery
"For the first time, London Machinery Inc. has approved a chemical cleaner to remove concrete from ready-mix trucks. EMS Ready Mix Wash and Wax is guaranteed not to void London's rust and corrosion warranty. London recognizes EMS Ready Mix Wash and Wax as the safest product on the market today for the drivers, the truck, the mixer, and the environment."
London Machinery Press Release
October 2002

Mack Trucks
"This is the first time Mack has put its name and this type of endorsement behind a chemical cleaner. EMS ReadyMix Truck Wash went through a year of testing and we now have a tremendous amount of confidence in the product. No personal protection gear needs to be worn during use. It's safe for drivers and truck wash personnel, helps preserve the environment, and is an effective alternative to harsh chemicals."
January 2001

"Guaranteed not to void Mack's five year rust and corrosion warranty"
Mack Press Release, January 2001

"EMS Ready Mix Truck Wash and Wax is the only approved truck wash for McNeilus and Oshkosh mixer parts. Any other cleaner strong enough to clean the concrete would ruin the truck finish. Ready Mix Wash and Wax cleans better, yet it safer for the finish."
McNeilus Press Release
January 2002

"Anyone who has used this product knows how good it is at cleaning trucks. It's a better way to go than old-fashioned acids. It's much safer for the user and the environment. But the best news is how it protects the mixer from damage caused by acids. The product's natural bean wax helps reduce corrosion from all sources while leaving the truck clean."
Randy Atkins
Director of Finish Operations

Shumaker Industries
"Shumaker Industries endorses EMS Ready Mix Wash and Wax, the world's safest concrete remover."
Shumaker Industries Press Release
April 2001



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