Ready-Mixed Concrete Testimonials

Rinker Materials
"I am writing this letter of recommendation for your Ready Mix Truck Wash and Wax. We have been using your product over the last few years and those using it are very satisfied with the results. The operations personnel find it very easy to use and your service to our locations here in the East Coast Region has been second to none."
John Hansen
Director of Safety
Florida Materials Division

Mack Trucks
"Not only did Ready Mix Wash and Wax remove all traces of concrete, it also worked extremely well in cleaning the entire vehicle with no resulting damage to chrome, aluminum and glass components"
EMS Ready Mix Test Results
Mack Trucks, Beaumont, Texas

Bedrock Ready Mix
"Your product is easy, safe and cost-effective to apply. You have simplified our inventory to one product and have eliminated misuse of acid."
Orlando, Florida

Rinker Materials
"Rinker's East Coast Region has always taken pride in the appearance of their fleet. We’ve gone as far as to put a committee together to find the best product on the market. We tried several different products, some good, some not so good. We used EMS for several months and got positive feedback. The product does a good job of cleaning and leaves a thin film on the drum that allows the driver to simply rinse off dust and road grime. Of course they still have to clean their trucks regularly, but this truck wash makes it easier to keep a truck clean. We have not seen the chalky residue with EMS that we experienced with some of the other products. We don’t need to worry about this product coming in contact with our skin. Most important is the fact that it is environmentally friendly. Our district shop has noticed a decline in the metal fatigue issues along the frame where acid hides behind bolts and metal overlap. We contribute this to the fact that we changed truck cleaners."
Tim Wallschlager
Operations Foreman
Melbourne Plant



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